Welcome to the London Consultancy 4 You

London has been our home for nearly a decade, giving us a global vision in business for all our clients. There are countless ideas and opportunities you could have in such a multicultural city.

This is where the plan for the consultancy takes place, after realizing that around 13% of the world speaks English, while less than 5% speaks English natively, we said:

“why not use our language skills to help individuals and businesses who want to do and have more?”

As multilingual individuals, we are simply leveraging our skills acquired over the past years in the work and life environment, see it this way…

Speaking more languages can give you a multiplier, in our case, we 6X the experience in SalesMarketingCommunicationsLeadership and Customer Service…to reach more clients worldwide and on the other side help existing customers reach more people for their products and services.

Our motto:

Here to empower the world one language at the time! 

More than 70% of consumers require information in their language before making a purchase, in order to increase any business revenue touching more clients worldwide is essential, this is one of the main services we are offering.

Creating an online strategy is the first step towards global expansion.

With the relationship created during the past years, we are able to procure direct connections for your product and service.

And what about individuals?

For those looking to upgrade their life by moving to London, we offer a variety of services from:

accommodation, job placement, personal development courses and support during the first step of opening a business (physical or online).

If you feel like this is your call, get in touch with our team…we are to support you!

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