Meet who is behind London Consultancy 4 You a Multilingual firm.

Jessica and Simone, siblings in business

 Tell your story because if you don’t, somebody else will…

One side of the consulting

The way you look at life suddenly changes when you see how much true potential you have.

I moved to London at a very young age to make my dreams a reality, to become financially free and independent. I made a decision to change the way I looked at the world so I took the first opportunity presented and got my first job as a waitress, in a very prestigious place where I had to meet & exceed all standards.

It was very hard without knowing the language, the culture and also being an immigrant with little confidence, but I knew I wanted more from life so I had to take on the challenge.

Long story short, a year after I started working in a big corporation as a receptionist and then was promoted to Manager after a few months. This is when I discover how powerful the mind can be when you set clear goals.
Now here I am, having my business where I can teach and support each one of you that wants to change your lives forever.

The other side of the consulting

I have to admit it, being your own boss is special, as long as you know where you are going. I remember working as a waiter and getting paid $10/h, thinking back today that looks like a nightmare.
Or delivering groceries with my bike…extremely cold in London during winter.

When you are an immigrant unfortunately you grow up with some limiting beliefs, like your actions or persona have no value and you let yourself down.

I then started working as a real estate agent, where everything for me took off, I learned and mastered the art of Sales, having to speak with like-minded people and negotiating deals helped me discover the person I wanted to become. 

When you intentionally act upon your dreams, you’ll be amazed at how you naturally attract what you need. And this for me was having my own business, and becoming an entrepreneur.

…And you are not going to like their version of it.

We are here to empower the world one language at a time!

Our experience goes from Sales, Leadership, Customer Service, Recruiting and Training your people.

Jessica is passionate about languages, leading people and taking on any challenges.
Her creative style combined with her strong emotional intelligence will help you make your business stand out!

Simone is a salesman, money-driven and excited by new challenges.
His analytical thinking will help you scale your business, so tell him what you need and he will get it done!

Being a multilingual consultancy company gives us an edge in the marketplace which will result in your corporation dominating your sector.

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