London Consultancy 4 You is here to empower the world one language at a time!

Our motto is Start, Grow, Expand…as a multilingual company, we support those coming from abroad to “Start” their new life in the city, providing them with a variety of training, job placement and accommodation.

Whether you are an individual or a business is essential for you to “Grow”, we can support you with this point by putting in place the right systems.

Given that only a fraction of the world’s population speaks English, the word “Expand” is essential. Is our mission to help corporations to expand worldwide, as a multilingual company we aim to take each of our client’s services or products to the global markets.

Personal Consulting

Job Placement / Relocation / Paperwork

We can support your career change. Whether you are looking for a job in Hospitality, Customer Service or Sales we open the doors for you.

Training Academy

We offer ongoing education and training to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date, allowing you to excel both personally and professionally.


Our easy-to-follow coaching process provides daily support to those struggling to make important decisions, guiding them towards success through achievable daily tasks.

Business Consulting


We provide qualified staff by sourcing talent from those who possess it and connecting them to organizations in need of their expertise.

Growing Strategy

By analyzing and streamlining your daily operations, we can help facilitate major shifts within your organization to drive growth and success.

Training (in-house)

Our training programs offer a wide range of options, including online learning and in-person, face-to-face sessions, all designed to help you and your organization achieve your goals.

Worldwide Expansion

Our mission is to help corporations expand globally by leveraging our multilingual capabilities to bring their products or services to new markets.

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