in this blog we are giving you 3 tips on how you can live a beatiful life

How to live a beautiful life

In this blog, we are giving you 3 personal points of view by Jessica and Simone on how you can live a beautiful life…and trust me when I say it’s easier than you think! Let’s start Don’t drink and smoke, we experience this ourselves 2 years ago by quitting them both. You will soon realize that it doesn’t do any good to your brain or your body you just do it because of circumstances or your surrounding, also you spend money without any return. If you only focus on the weekends and how great it feels to have fun with

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Welcome to the London Consultancy 4 You

London has been our home for nearly a decade, giving us a global vision in business for all our clients. There are countless ideas and opportunities you could have in such a multicultural city. This is where the plan for the consultancy takes place, after realizing that around 13% of the world speaks English, while less than 5% speaks English natively, we said: “why not use our language skills to help individuals and businesses who want to do and have more?” As multilingual individuals, we are simply leveraging our skills acquired over the past years in the work and life

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