in this blog we are giving you 3 tips on how you can live a beatiful life

How to live a beautiful life

In this blog, we are giving you 3 personal points of view by Jessica and Simone on how you can live a beautiful life…and trust me when I say it’s easier than you think!

Let’s start

  • Tip Number 1

Don’t drink and smoke, we experience this ourselves 2 years ago by quitting them both.

You will soon realize that it doesn’t do any good to your brain or your body you just do it because of circumstances or your surrounding, also you spend money without any return. If you only focus on the weekends and how great it feels to have fun with your friends, this is what life will give you…if you want more out of your life a sacrifice is necessary.

  • Tip Number 2

Leave the past in the past, and use your past experience to become a better person in the future. The key here is to make a self-evaluation of your achievements every 2-3 months this will help you with confidence and also build your skill set for the next challenges in life.

  • Tip number 3

Stay busy, learn new things and travel the world. Learning new things will stimulate your creativity and soon you will look for possible opportunities on how to implement what you have learned, the busier you are the more productive you become. By travelling you will get to know different people and cultures, and this will develop a skill which is not common in the Western culture called “Emotional Intelligence” You will be more empathetic and your social interactions are going to be more people-oriented than material possessions or superficial gains. You will prioritize building meaningful connections

Hope you can relate to our point and if you like to share your opinion with us, until then…


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